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Why Summer is a Great Time for a Kitchen Remodel

Why Summer is a Great Time for a Kitchen Remodel

Summer is a great time for a kitchen remodel. Yes, even if you live here in Phoenix, Arizona with us! While the weather may be in the triple digits, there are some key advantages to sprucing up your kitchen this summer.

Getting Ready for Your Remodel

Before we go further into why summer is the perfect time to update your kitchen, let’s make sure you’re prepared. We recommend a few key aspects be in place before you begin.

First, take some time for find a licensed General Contractor to manage your project. Having a Contractor manage your project will relieve a lot of stress, and save you a ton of time. They will coordinate all the tradesmen, and plan out the order in which each one needs to be brought in, to get your kitchen remodel done with ease. What a relief!

Next, plan out how you want your new kitchen to look. Are you into the charm of a farmhouse kitchen, or is a minimalist, sleek style more your vibe? Deciding on the overall aesthetic you’re seeking is key to the final step.

Finally, picking out the finishes from the kitchen countertops to the sink, cabinets, and pulls can be daunting. If you don’t have an eye for design, hiring a local remodel designer to help plan and pick everything out for you will make all the difference. Pinterest, Instagram and other social media platforms are perfect for sifting through to see what kitchen style speaks to you.

Now that you have a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor lined up and a design style in place, let’s explore why summer is a great time to remodel your kitchen.

Plan a Getaway

The kids are out of school and 100 degree weather is here to stay in Phoenix for the next four months. We think you’ll agree that now is a great time to pack up and head out of town. Whether a road trip is your thing, or you’d rather spend time chilling at the beach, your family will be so much happier away from the chaos of a remodel.

For many of us, working from home is the new norm. It can be just as easy to respond to emails and get back to clients from out of town. Think of the clutter, dust, noise, and activity you will be avoiding by working elsewhere while your home is under construction.

With proper planning, you and your Contractor can coordinate your renovation with your vacation. When you’re done relaxing, unwinding, and making memories with your family, you can come home to the kitchen of your dreams.

Contractor Availability

With so many of us looking to escape the Arizona summer, Kitchen Remodeling Contractors generally have more openings in their schedules to take on your project. Less competition in our hot months may mean a faster turnaround time for your project. Now that’s a win!

More worker availability, coupled with the longer summer days, could also mean that your project gets done sooner. Additionally, longer periods of natural light in the summer is perfect for seeing how your design choices come together. The summer heat even works to your advantage by cutting down drying time, therefore speeding up your kitchen remodel.

Prepare for the Holiday Season

When you remodel your kitchen in the summer, you’re stepping into the holiday season with ease! Imagine how nice it will be to bake in your new oven at Thanksgiving, and how many more people you can host at Christmas time with your new island and simpler kitchen layout. Make this holiday season a relaxing one with all the conveniences of a new kitchen.

Now that you know summer time is a great time for your kitchen remodel, what are you waiting for? Dekavallas Development is here to help, so contact us today. We will not only help you prepare for your kitchen remodel with great tips, but we will turn your kitchen dreams into a reality in no time.

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Got a kitchen remodeling project on your mind? Let's discuss the details and get you a quote.

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Got a kitchen remodeling project on your mind? Let's discuss the details and get you a quote.

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