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Kitchen Design Ideas for Aging in Place in Chandler

Kitchen Design Ideas for Aging in Place in Chandler

Kitchen design ideas for aging in place in Chandler are more necessary than ever. In fact, more than 75% of kitchen remodelers have stated that requests for aging in place projects have increased, according to NAHB’s Remodeling Market Index Survey from 2023.

If you’re considering aging in place rather than moving into an independent or assisted living community, you’re certainly not alone! In fact, according to the AARP, a whopping 90% of adults over the age of 65 would prefer to stay in their homes.

While maintaining a sense of independence is the number one reason why seniors prefer to age in place, safety and comfort are key. Here are five of our kitchen design ideas for aging in place in Chandler and elsewhere.

Widen the Walkways in Your Kitchen

Aging in place can have its challenges, and ease of mobility is a primary concern. Widening the walkways in your kitchen will make all the difference.

If you’re wheelchair bound, this is especially important. It is recommended that the space between your island and your cabinets be at least 48 inches to be able to navigate your kitchen comfortably. Walking with a walker or without is also easier with more space to move.

Finally, seniors will be glad to know that wider walking paths in the kitchen offer an open and airy feeling. From a design perspective, this is both aesthetically pleasing, and wonderful for gathering with family and friends.

Add More Lighting

Adding better lighting is not just a great design idea for for aging in place in Chandler, but it is essential for seniors. From reading recipes to finding items in the fridge easier, proper lighting will help. Lowering the light switches to be able to reach them better is also a great idea during your kitchen remodel.

Lighting can be added through recessed lights, pendant lights, or ideally a combination of both. This way, you can brighten up your kitchen, or dim it when it’s not in use.

Replace Sharp Edges with Rounded ones

Countertop corners can be sharp, which is not fun for anyone, especially seniors who may thinner, more fragile skin. We highly recommend replacing sharp corners with rounded ones during your kitchen remodel. Some cabinet and drawer pulls can also have sharp edges, which we suggest you replace at the same time to avoid cuts and bruising.

Lower Countertops

Lowering the countertops are another functional design idea for those aging in place. Standard kitchen countertops are generally 36 inches high, however the ADA, suggests that all or at least a portion of countertops should be set at 28 or 30 inches in order to make them more wheelchair accessible. 

Install No-Slip Flooring

No slip floors are key in your kitchen remodeling project if you plan to age in place. LVP flooring can be a great choice as it is water and scratch resistant as well. It is also essential in kitchen remodel to avoid transitions between rooms, as well as elevation changes, to ensure a safe space.

Contact us if you’ve decided to age in place in Chandler, Arizona. We’ve got even more useful design ideas to share with you! At Dekavallas Development, we will take care of your entire kitchen remodel from start to finish, so you can rest easy that you’ll be prepared for your next stage of life.

NAHB’s Remodeling Market Index Survey from 2023

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