How to add pops of color to your kitchen

5 Fun Ways to Add Color to Your Kitchen

5 Fun Ways to Add Color to Your Kitchen

Let’s discuss 5 fun ways to add color to your kitchen! Adding pops of color to your kitchen space is an awesome way to enjoy the heart of your home! If you’re the creative type, the options are endless. From wallpapering your ceiling, to painting, changing out your pendant lights, and of course, adding a cool kitchen backsplash, you really can’t go wrong.

If you’re not into design and don’t know where to start, that’s OK! You can get inspired with the ideas below. Additionally, there are a wide variety of home decorating websites for your to explore. Here are some of our suggestions for you to try out…

Wallpaper Your Kitchen to Add Color

Adding wallpaper to your entire kitchen, one wall, or even the ceiling, is a super fun and creative solution for spicing up your kitchen. These days, wallpaper can come in practically any style you can imagine! Ever thought about a floral accent wall? You got it! How about a farmhouse feel with roosters and veggies? It can be yours!

In the image above, a more traditional wallpaper design added to the retro vibe of the kitchen. What a fun way to play with your living space!

For a dramatic touch, adding wallpaper to your ceiling can really make a statement. This unique design element will most certainly give your guests something to talk about.

Paint Your Cabinets for a Pop of Color

If you’re committed to adding color to your kitchen, go for it by painting your cabinets or an accent wall. Painting your space can bring a lot of warmth to it, as you can see in the picture above.

Keep in mind that darker colors can make your kitchen appear smaller, so be mindful of your paint choices. This is where a design professional can come in handy. With a designer by your side, you will get the look you were going for and end up with the kitchen of your dreams.

Use Decorations to Add Color Without a Commitment

If your style changes often (like mine does), use decorations to bring color into your kitchen. This way, you can change them out when you want to try something new, and you’re not stuck!

As you can see in the photo above, color was brought into the kitchen with the pots and pans, the floral arrangement, and even by using books on the shelving above. These little touches are not permanent, so you can have a lot of fun experimenting with decorations.

The best part of decorations is that they are an inexpensive way to vary the look and feel of your kitchen. By adding a black vase and stainless steel pots, for example, you will have a modern, sleek look instead. How fun is that!?

Add Color to Your Kitchen With a Backsplash

An interesting backsplash can be the focal point of any kitchen. If you’re looking for your kitchen to stand out, try adding a colorful backsplash during your remodel.

As featured above, this blue backsplash adds a calming effect to the space. It is warm and inviting and pairs perfectly with the wooden doors and cabinets. Even though it’s a basic subway tile, adding that pop of blue color, sets this kitchen apart from the mundane.

Change Your Pendant Lights to Add Color to Your Kitchen

Pendant lights are a very easy, affordable, and cool way to change the mood in your kitchen. The pendant lights in the photo above can be the perfect final touch to a modern or a traditional kitchen, bringing a unique design aesthetic to each. Think outside of the box when it comes to how you want to play with your pendant lights as they can add so much more than color to your space.

Do you live in Chandler, Arizona near us? If so, we at Dekavallas Development would love the opportunity to remodel your kitchen. With these 5 fun ways to add color to your kitchen, we can help you achieve the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

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